Inspired by life. A song for the person who sits at the bedside of a loved one when they are at deaths door and it is uncertain if they will make it.


Crazy, edgy, rhythmic! 

About how people evolve unfavourably in relationships bringing out the worst in each other. 

Sometimes The Pain

Inspired by a documentary about indigenous youth (First Here: Indigenous Hip Hop in Canada). This is a song about making good out of bad situations.

Lost in Wonderland

Dark, moody, intense!

About: The difficulties of having a long distance relationship.


3D LOVE ~ A hip, fast smash of energy! Check out my new song!

About: The dislike for online dating & exchange of photographs with go nowhere people when you just want the real thing.

Giant Crush

A little kick of hard country/rock!

Little star

Written in response,  acknowledgement and support of Rosalie Fish. The Seattle Times article of June 1, 2019 is about how a brave, determined teen raises awareness for Missing Indigenous Women.

Look Back

This song is about Reconciliation, inspired by the atrocities that occurred in the Canadian residential school system. While penning the words, I saw a story on W5 about Richard Schumann and "The Guinea Pig Soldiers", followed by news on the Syrian conflict. The common denominator was the blatant injustice inflicted on a group of people while those with power idly watch, deny or otherwise turn a blind eye. The song "Looks Back" to honour, raise awareness aensure bad history never repeats itself.


Nov. 14, 2019 - This has been a week of mourning and loss. Loss of love, loss of relationships, loss of life. Although this song was written to be sung in a higher tone (think Kate Bush or Amy Lee, Evanescense), I present it here as I can. I hope you like it.