COming soon!

Moon Song - DEMO

Check out this incredible starburst!! Music by Phil Emond.

Only Walls - Demo

I love the direction of this demo! I didn't even really have a chorus for it yet, but Phil wanted to create and put this moody, groovy, hard rock funk beat to it. So cool! NOTE: without copyright approval by Led Zeppelin, intro to be modified upon final recording. Music by Philip Daryl Emond.

Albatross - Demo

Philip took this "folksy" sounding a cappella demo and turned it into a funky dance beat. It needs a different voice. Check it out! Music by Philip Daryl Emond.

Albatross - No Music

This is a re-creation of the original - entered here so you can get a sense of the power of musical artistry. This simple melody was adopted, molded and shaped into something grooving! Listen to the above interpretation and see what a basic song + great imagination can bring!