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Anna Nicholson


Anna Nicholson is making a difference – a huge difference – to the status quo of music making. Playing no instruments and not knowing how to read or write music, Anna is writing and delivering songs with a punch!

Background: Having spent much of her youth experimenting with the power of word through poetry and storytelling, she quickly discovered that the most impactful way to communicate was through song. Through lifes’ many, many detours, that creative energy swelled. Now, with over 70 original songs, Anna is making up for lost time! 

Innovation through necessity: In this busy and exploding world of ear candy and effect, Anna Nicholson is bringing us back to basics. Without music, Anna's unconventional approach defies expectation, forces us to think differently and reminds us of the power of the triad: lyric, melody and conviction. 

With low tech equipment, little time and her voice as her only instrument, her imperfect delivery is raw, honest and has nowhere to hide! Passionate and splendidly refreshing, the power and depth of her words move you while the melodies grip and vault through an unexpected jolt of emotion. 

Song library: With this as the foundation, Anna is creating a vocal library of possibilities for the elite - or future elite - of the music industry. 

Although open to interpretation, songs are conceived with the vibe of three key genres:  heavy/alternative/rock; new country with an edge; top 40.

Songs are written with a social conscience, provoke thought, stir emotion. Perfectly suited for film/tv/ad campaigns - and especially, sheer listening pleasure. Executives, producers & decision makers, discover new assets & secure your stake:

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